[PyKota] [IMPORTANT] Relocation and administrative matters...

alet at librelogiciel.com alet at librelogiciel.com
Fri Feb 27 15:18:57 CET 2009

Hi there,

At any time during the coming weeks, and I think probably before the end
of the April month, my family and I will relocate from here :


to there :


For this reason, I will have to officially stop to operate as an
independant company.

This means that :

  - From March 1st 2009 onwards, I won't be able to accept any new
    support contract, nor send invoices for your purchase of unlimited
    entry passes to the restricted areas of http://www.pykota.com
    Of course you'll still be able to print PayPal receipts when
    purchasing, but I won't be legally allowed to send any invoice to you.

  - Technical support WILL CONTINUE to be provided by me to people with
    a support contract, under the very same conditions as before, for no
    additional fee, and until the end of each running contract, which
    won't be renewed automatically as they were before. No more onsite
    visits will be provided, but they weren't included in these
    contracts anyway.

  - Some delay is to be expected for me to answer to support tickets
    during the relocation itself, and for hopefully only a few days
    before and after.  Unfortunately the exact leaving date is currently
    unknown, but until this date is known for sure, no additional delay
    is to be expected.

  - Any people with a running technical support contract who want their
    money back can ask for a partial (pro rata temporis) refund by
    sending a snail mail letter asking so with your International Bank
    Account Number, at our actual snail mail address (see
    http://www.pykota.com/contact), which will be forwarded in case we
    leave earlier than planned. Please expect some delay in the
    processing of your demands though, but refunds will start at March
    1st 2009 in any case.

But this also means :

  - Development of PyKota will continue at its own (currently slow)
    pace. No change.

  - Mailing list support WILL CONTINUE to be provided as before, i.e. as
    time permits and with no guarantee of delay in the answering. No
    change. The only change will be related to the timezone I'll be
    answering from. My IRC presence on #pykota will hopefully be better
    than what it currently is, but again in a different time zone.

  - I'll continue to gladly accept your money as donations, and you'll
    continue to receive login and passwords in exchange. No change.

I hope I'll be able to resume offering technical support contract before
the end of 2009 or at the beginning of 2010, but currently I'm not sure
if this will be possible or not due to the rules of work in my next

Thanks for your time, and thanks for your strong support so far, which
helped the PyKota project grow to what is has become.


Jerome Alet

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